A list of those who helped us with our Best Practices project, in order of appearance (you can read their full recommendations here):

  1. Kevin Harris, principal of Local Level, and author of the Neighborhoods blog, has worked with residents and community development professionals for 20+ years, including years as an advisor to the UK government.
  2. Richard Layman, author of Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space, is an urban/commercial district revitalization & transportation/mobility advocate and consultant, based in Washington, DC.
  3. Diane Dyson (@Diane_Dyson) is Manager for Planning & Research at WoodGreen Community Services, and author of Belonging Community.
  4. Matthew Singh is a Systems Analyst at a prominent foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area, and as an AmeriCorps volunteer helped many nonprofits with technology and organizing. A grad of International Development Studies at UC Berkeley, he was accepted into Harvard University’s Masters program in Urban Planning.
  5. Christina Holt is Associate Director for Community Tool Box Services at Work Group for Community Health and Development. She got her MA in Child Development and Psychology, and her BA in Community Leadership Development, from the University of Kansas.
  6. Colin Gallagher served in the U.S. Peace Corps in El Salvador from 1998 to 2000. Since then he’d completed several local government assignments, including a civic engagement program for the City of Salinas in California. He founded the Civic Engagement and Dialogue Practitioners group on LinkedIn.
  7. Lisa Palmer (@lattman) is Director for Corporate Partnerships at KaBOOM! where she encourages corporations to participate in making kids’ dreams come true by building the kind of playgrounds that inspired her to play, and dream, as a child.
  8. Julian Dobson (@JulianDobson) is director at Urban Pollinators Ltd, and co-founder of Our Society. He is also author of Living with Rats, founding editor of New Start magazine, Fellow of the RSA, and a voluntary board member at the Centre for Local Economic Strategies.
  9. Mat Dryhurst is Community Manager at Craigslist Foundation, and has worked on its LikeMinded project from design to implementation.
  10. David Crowley is President & Founder of Social Capital Inc (@SocialCap), which strengthens communities by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives.
  11. Barbara Pantuso (@barbarapantuso) is Founder and CEO of Hey, Neighbor!, a location-based website and mobile app that connects neighbors, and creates a new marketplace for neighborly sharing of “MicroFavors”.
  12. Paul Lamb is Principal at Man on A Mission Consulting, a firm specializing in “Management Consulting for Social Change.” He is an author and social entrepreneur, and runs a “Technology & Spiritual Practice” program assisting faith based communities to leverage social media and emerging technology tools.
  13. Rebecca Sanborn Stone is Senior Associate for Communications at Orton Family Foundation and CommunityMatters. She holds a BA in Biology and English from Williams College, where she helped found the Williams Social Choice Fund for socially responsible investing. She got her MESc from Yale.
  14. Brian Fier is involved in community building and development, information dissemination, and collaboration. He develops tools for connecting people to each other, and to information, with the intention of helping improve communities and people’s lives. One such project is Campus Dakota (@CampusDakota) where he is President and Community Developer.