Facts on Community Safety

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The most effective way to create a safe community is by having community members, property managers and outside partners join together to plan and implement a comprehensive community safety plan.

Safety and Crime Prevention

  • Five out of every 1,000 urban residents were victims of an aggravated assault, and four out of every 1,000 suburban or rural residents were.
  • Urban households experienced all forms of property crime at rates higher than those for suburban or rural households.
  • Improved street lighting can reduce crimes by up to 25 percent.
  • Significant reductions in burglaries have followed the implementation of neighborhood watch programs.
  • Increased interactions between local police departments and communities led to a reduced crime rate and increased community members’ respect for laws and law enforcement officers.
  • Crime prevention and community safety programs bring communities closer by requiring residents to work together to achieve their goals.

Safety by Design

Properly designing a community can greatly reduce the opportunities for crimes to be committed. Features of designing for safety and crime prevention include:

  • Controlled access: Doors, walls, fences, alarms, locks and landscaping
  • Comprehensive surveillance: Video cameras, peep holes, window placement, walking clubs/neighborhood watch, signs, layout and police patrols

Resident Involvement
Residents must play a role in the safety program within your community. Without resident buy-in, a program’s effectiveness will be severely limited. Involving residents is accomplished through:

  • Surveys: Assess the perceptions, needs and desires of the residents; ask what they would do to make the community safer.
  • Committees: Foster the formation of a resident safety committee to work directly with each other, property managers and law enforcement to help develop a safety plan.
  • Volunteers: Motivate residents to volunteer by doing such things as participating in a neighborhood watch from their homes. Train residents in crime prevention.

via KnowledgePlex: Facts on Community Safety. This document is part of “Creating Opportunities for Families through Resident Services: A Practitioner’s Manual,” which provides guidance and resources for offering effective services to residents. Specifically, it appears in the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Services section, which helps organizations think through how to keep their property and their community safe.

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