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#1 One Project Closer – Want authentic reviews on an appliances for your home? Want to win a new Dremel Trio tool kit? Looking for Home Improvement Coupons? OPC can help you with all of this and much more. Two couples in Baltimore County, Maryland are the brains behind this blog. OPC offers something many other home improvement blogs do not – transparency. Because they aren&;t affiliated with a huge corporation and have no set agenda, you feel like you can trust their product reviews. Additionally, you can have confidence they have a great depth of knowledge when it comes to home improvement projects. Be sure to checkout One Project Closer on a regular basis, they are always posting something interesting. OPC Twitter

Handyguys Podcast#2 Handyguys Podcast  – The Handyguys website is truly a unique place on the Internet. The team, Brian and Paul, offer a vast wealth of information about everything home improvement. Their depth of home improvement knowledge and hands on approach is unparalleled in the home improvement blogosphere. The team doesn&;t only blog about home improvements, but also offer videos and podcasts on a regular basis. If you want a media rich home improvement experience, there is no better place than the Handyguys Podcast! Handyguys Twitter

#3 CNET’s Green Tech – Want to have a pulse on every piece of green technology that gets released? Well, it doesn&;t get any better than CNET Green Tech. Green Tech is always the first news source to report the latest solar innovation or release pictures of the newest electric car. Many of these products are aimed at generating green energy for you home or increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Be sure to check CNET&;s Green Tech blog out today. CNET Twitter

#4 Calfinder
 – Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Well there is more than pictures on this blog but the pictures they feature are amazing. The shots of contemporary kitchens, attic bedrooms, and bathrooms are only the beginning. They also feature out of the box remodeling ideas like “sleeping porches”, what an interesting concept. If you want to be wowed with novel ideas and amazing photography, be sure to checkout Calfinder. Calfinder Twitter


#5 Remodelaholic –  This is a great blog that chronicles a husband and wife team and their quest to constantly remodel houses. The team is now on their third project house and is getting quite good at remodeling and blogging. The blog features a project-by-project chronicle of before and after shots for common home remodels. In addition to chronicling their projects, the couple also features user submitted content from around the nation. This is a blog you will want to be sure to subscribe to. Remodelaholic Twitter

We hope you add some of the above blogs to your subscription list and continue to expand your home improvement knowledge. Don&;t forget to subscribe to the Moonworks Blog by submitting your email address on the top right corner of this page.

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